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During the renovation, the Civic Account Gallery’s doors may accept been closed, but its accoutrements were advanced open. Building affairs didn’t stop the building from accepting new works, several of which are on appearance in “Gifts to the Nation,” including a account of average acute Denyce Graves by Pennsylvania artisan Nelson Shanks. GIFTS TO THE […]

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By James Charisma Published: 2017.09.07 03:07 PM Abstract Expressionism is generally declared as the aboriginal abnormally American art movement to put the United States—specifically New York City—on the map in the all-embracing art community. Conventional acumen holds it emerged in the 1940s as a acknowledgment to the abhorrence and agony of Apple War II and […]

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Eduardo Mac Entyre, Seis Formas en Dos Circunferencias (Six Forms in Two Circumferences), 1966, oil on canvas. (Click to enlarge.) COLLECTION OAS AMA | ART MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAS This February marks the 50th ceremony of MoMA’s 1965 appearance “The Acknowledging Eye,” the exhibition that formalized Op art as a movement, admitting a brief one. […]